Competition Team

2017-2018 Competition Team!

Meet our soloists

Brianna Hanlon, Rachel Rodriguez, Kirsten Ireland, Delaney Jose, Shay Murphy, Cara Andrews, Tori Klepps, Faith Black, Skyler Pawlicki, Scott Kowalzcyk, Jamison Kulesa, Tessa Kowalzcyk, Savannah Voigt,  Aubrey Root, Alyssa Behrendt, Kierdin Ireland, Meredith Mischke, Olivia Christopher, Annalise Ciminera, Kylee Barnes, Olivia Cannon, Brianna Ronalter, Emma Bengston, Emilee Bleau, Samuel Barbati, Rylee Guillet, Savannah Longo

Meet our duos/trios

Madison O and Alena H, Kylee B and Emily G, Mariah M and Emilee B, Kirsten I and Rachel R, Ethan R and Isaiah U, Carly D and Katie F, Sam B and Chris C, Brianna H, Emily S and Michaela M,

Meet our Team Members

Rachel R, Kirsten I, Mackenzie D, Brianna H, Shay M, Cara A, Faith B Ethan R, Isaiah U, Cyrus B, Jamison K, Scott K, Sam B, Chris C, Annalise C, Marley M, Olivia C, Julia B, Delaney J, Katryn O/R, Bella C, Emily I, Harper M, Savannah L, Tori C, Madison O, Alyssa B, Madison D, Emily G, Kylee B, Olivia C, Emma B, Tessa K, Madison G, Tori K, Arianna C, Alexia B, Meredith M,  Kylie C, Orenda S.

Additional Competition Class Members

Alison K, Alexia B, Brianna I, Kaylee M, Lauren S, Tianna B, Nicole W, Jadyn U, Anna G, Cheyanne K, Julia P, Amelia B, Danyella B, Madison C, Emily M, Sarah D, Victoria M, Grace F, Zoie G,  Bella Z, Vera T, Arianna V, Jaelynn P, Chloe M, Angela M.

Here are some highlights from our competitions


Star Systems Talent Competition

Highest Scoring Over All Shooting Star Studio

13 & Over Ultimate Achievement-Fly Me the The Moon

Winning Example Award

Below is a list of the highest scoring over-all

routines of the competition.

Highest Scoring  Shining Star Mini Solo-Olivia Christopher

Highest Scoring Shooting Star Mini Solo-Kylee Barnes

Highest Scoring Shooting Star Solo-Rachel Rodriguez

Highest Scoring Shooting Star Teen Solo-Cara Andrews

Highest Scoring Shooting Star Sr Solo-Aschlyn Dawson

Highest Scoring Mini Duo/Trio-3 Blind Mice

Highest Scoring Jr Duo/Trio-You’ve Got a Friend in Me

Highest Scoring Teen Duo/Trio-Bust a Move

Highest Scoring Sr Duo/Trio-Scatman

Highest Scoring Mini Shining Star Group-Stupid Cupid

Highest Scoring Mini Shooting Star Group-Pull of the Moon

Highest Scoring Jr. Shining Star Group-True To your Heart

Highest Scoring Jr. Shooting Star Group-We Will Rock You

Highest Scoring Teen Small Group-Fly Me To The Moon

Highest Scoring Teen Large Group-Bringing it Back

Highest Scoring Sr. Small Group-Good Women

Elite Dance Challenge


Overall highest scoring 13 & over Solo,Duo,Trio-
Coledyn Garrow
Overall Highest Scoring 12 & under Sm./ Lrg. group, Line-
The Rose
12 and Under Choreography Award-The Rose
Most entertaining 13 and over routine-Slip
Best costume 13 and over-Fly me to the Moon
1st place highest scoring Mini solo-Olivia Christopher
1st place highest scoring jr. solo-Kirsten Ireland
1st place highest scoring teen intermediate solo-
Coledyn Garrow
1st place highest scoring teen comp. solo-Faith Black
1st place highest scoring Mini Duo/Trio-
Fashion is my Kryptonite
1st place highest scoring Int. Jr. duo/trio-
You’ve Got a Friend in Me
1st place highest scoring Comp.Jr. duo/trio-
Little Red
1st place highest scoring Int. Teen duo/trio-
1st place highest scoring Int. Sr. Duo/Trio-Scatman
1st place highest scoring Jr Group-The Rose
1st place highest scoring Teen Comp Small group-
Uneven Odds
1st place highest scoring Teen Comp Lrg. Group-
Bringing it Back
1st place highest scoring Teen Line-Who’s For Dinner
Multiple invitation on the Elite Team for Nationals
Hollywood Summer Tour Scholarship-Brianna Hanlon
We also had multiple dances in top 10 and top 5 highest scoring overalls as well!
Beyond the Stars Competition
Miss Teen Beyond the Stars-Cara Andrews
Jr. Miss Beyond the Stars-Cerenitee Swain
Technique Award-Can Can
Showmanship Award-Fly me to the Moon
Stellar Award-Highest Scoring 13 & over routine-Taps
1st place overall photgenic-Aaliyah Ramos
1st place overall Rising Star youth solo-Kylee Barnes
1st place overall Rising Star youth duo trio-Fashion is my Kryptonite
1st place overall Shining Star Youth group-Chasing Heaven
1st place overall Rising star youth group-Fashion
1st place overall Allstar Jr. solo-Cerenitee Swain
1st place overall Rising Star Jr. Solo-Kirsten Ireland
1st place overall Allstar Jr. duo/trio-Rulers
1st place overall Rising Star Jr. Small Group-We Will Rock You
1st place overall Allstar Teen Solo-Cara Andrews
1st Place Overall Allstar Teen duo/trio-Slip
1st Place overall Sr Duo/Trio-Scatman
1st place overall Allstar Teen Sm. Group-Taps
1st place overall Allstar teen lrg. group-Bringing it back
We also had multiple invitations to the Nationals Team, Highest scoring top 5 and 10 routines and Diamond awards!
Spirit of Dance Awards
Highest scoring routine of competition-Cara Andrews
Judges Choice-Bringing it Back
Choreography Award-Black Widows
Convention Scholarship-Rachel Rodriguez, Brianna Hanlon, Shay Murphy
Convention Assistants- Coledyn Garrow, Devin Voigt, Jamison Kulesa, Trinitti Swain, Brianna Hanlon, Alison Kulesa, Savannah Voigt, Shay Murphy
1st overall mini solo-Olivia Christopher
1st overall Mini duo/trio-3 blind mice
1st overall mini group-True to Your Heart
1st overall Novice Jr. Solo-Meredith Mischke
1st overall Comp. Jr. Duo/Trio-You’ve Got a Friend in Me
1st Overall Comp. Jr Group-The Rose
1st Overall Comp Teen Solo-Cara Andrews
1st Overall Comp. Teen duo/trio-Slip
1st Overall Comp. teen Sm. Group-Fly me to the Moon
1st Overall Comp. Teen Lrg. Group-Bringing it Back
1st Overall Comp. Ultra Group-Who’s for Dinner
1st Overall Comp. Sr. Solo-Brianna Hanlon
1st Overall Comp. Sr. duo/Trio-Scatman
1st Overall Comp. Sr. Sm. Group-Good Women
1st Overall Comp. Young Adult Solo-Devin Voigt
We also were awarded numerous invitations to their national team, special awards and top 5 and 10 highest scoring overall routines.

Our Competition Team is based on Auditions held in July, if you would like to be part of this award winning team please contact us for more info!

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